Friday, 8 January 2010

FW: Roundup!!!!


8 inches of snow URL

(might offend some)





Girls are dime a dozen but an icecream…




The count of eggie christo





New way of doing captcha codes



One place to avoid then





Found on a bulletin board thread:


"Ok here's what you do for real. Get minesweeper, play it exactly 33 times then wait 5 seconds. Ok, then you'll hear an inaudible tone, then wait 5 seconds. Now, play minesweeper 6 more times and it will happen."





Sung to 'Send In the Clowns' from A Little Night Music.


(Apologies to Sondheim, who won't see this anyway).




Isn't it white? Isn't it flat?

The street is somewhere over there, beneath all of that.'Send in the plows'.


Don't we get weird, cooped up all day?

Regress 'til we're bored all day, Go out and play!!

But where are the plows? 'Send in the plows'.


Just when I'd dug out to the cars,

Finally brushing them off to see which one was ours,

Tried the ignition again, even got it to run, Another foot fell,

Back to square one.


I don't mean to bitch, or be unkind.

But cross-country skiers on motorways are out of their minds!

Call for the plows. How can they plow a street they can't find?


Isn't it white? Isn't it bleak?

Home on the computer today, one more net-geek.

And where are the plows? There ought to be plows,

'send in the plows'.


Well, maybe next week??.         



Hi, I'm from the Government. If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see the solutions.




This maths test can predict your all time most watched film, mine was Saving Private Ryan.  Try it without looking at the answers.  It works! 
Pick a number from 1 - 9. 
Multiply by 3. 
Add 3, then multiply by 3 again. 
You will get your answer by adding the  two digits together to find your all time favourite movie. 
Good Luck 


It is: 
1.   Gone with the wind. 
2.   Aliens. 
3.   Oliver 
4.   Star Wars 
5.   Forrest Gump. 
6.   Saving Private Ryan. 
7.   Jaws. 
8.   Grease. 
9.   The joy of Anal Sex with male goats & leather clad rent boys. 
10.   Mary Poppins.




How come, when my wife says "we need to talk," it's never about football?












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Save trees - Eat a beaver.


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